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Meditation, the easiest and hardest thing you'll do.

Meditation Classes

YOGA Body and Mind, Carol Dulmage teaches the Passage Meditation of Eknath Easwaran. She also offers Classic Hatha Yoga Classes which tone the body and bring peace to the mind.

A little more info regarding the class

Meditation Class Schedule & Fees

There is no class at this time. If you are interested in learning to meditate, contact Carol to get on a waiting list. You will be notified when another class is scheduled. See the "Find Your Inner Peace" section below for more information about the class.

Next Satsang is Tuesday May 15th, 7 to 8:30 PM in Scripps Ranch.
Get on an email list for announcement of Satsang times.
A Satsang is an opportunity for meditators to get together to discuss or learn more about meditation and to meditate together. People from all traditions are welcome although most of us do Easwaran's passage meditation. We have an hour of program or discussion and a half hour meditation. This is a free event but RSVP's are requested.
To RSVP for the Satsang, or to get more information, email or talk with Carol at (858) 271-5948.
Call 858-271-5948.


Find Your Inner Peace

Learn to meditate in the style of Eknath Easwaran. This is passage meditation, a traditional style which has been skillfully put into western terms. It uses western examples, making it more understandable and easier to put into practice. For thousands of years, people have used meditation to better their lives, and now you can too. These meditation classes help you to:

Sharpen Concentration | Deal Effectively with Stress | Transform Anger | Release Deep Reserves of Energy | Leave behind Painful Memories & Live Fully in the Present | Develop Unsuspected Capacities for Insight & Understanding | Learn to Love More Fully